I approach photography as I do everything else in life – I give it my all and I never settle.

In my world, photography is more than it’s definition.  I’m capturing more than just light – I’m capturing life.  So above and beyond utilizing the best gear to capture a technically perfect photo, I utilize personality and humour to foster a great environment for bringing out the best in each client, so that they truly regard each photo I deliver as a great moment in their lives; worthy of preservation.

You might notice a lot of publication work in my portfolio – this is a passion of mine.  Because I’m a freelance contributor to more than a dozen of the biggest publications in the fitness industry, and not under contract to any of them, I’m always working hard to ensure the best chance of success when submitting for publication.  This makes me a great fit for any client who has publication goals.


My team of stylists is comprised of the best available.  They treat each and every session as a commercial shoot, leaving no stone unturned.

My clients can expect their beautification to be a day at the spa, where they will receive a professional makeup application and contouring, including application of lashes, hair styling including application of hair extensions, and wardrobe styling.

By the time the session begins, you will look like a professional fitness model, ready to receive helpful direction and instruction on how best to capture the moment while looking your best.  The result of all this effort?  Truly remarkable imagery!


Retouching is the alteration of artwork, to introduce or enhance desired features and reduce or remove undesired ones.

I offer three levels of retouching.  The first, is simple correction in exposure, colour and clarity to further enhance how you looked when the image was captured.  The second, goes a bit further to enhance the overall image including blemish removal, brightening of the eyes and slight corrections in physique.  The third, takes it to the max.

My ultimate goal is to provide to my client the most captivating image I can, without disturbing the true likeness of the person in the photo.