My kind of Diet

This post has been a long time coming.

Though I function in the fitness industry, I’m not living what many may refer to as a “fitness” lifestyle.  I don’t go to the gym with great frequency, I don’t use supplements and I’m not especially motivated by the hundreds of daily “inspirational” posts which my social media feeds..  well, feed me.

Thus, the social media accounts which I rely on to get most of my business, also present me with all kinds of bother by way of posts which aren’t relevant to my personal life and in many ways, I simply find unrelatable, unfamiliar and not at all interesting.

I, like many out there, have developed a bit of a social media addiction.  I’m on my phone constantly throughout the day, combing through Facebook and Instagram (remember, I’m 40+ so I’m not as into Snapchat and other new platforms) and often feel the “need” to check them often.  It also often dawns on me that I’m hooked and should take the time to unplug.

I’ve decided to change things up a bit.  Well, a lot.  I’m going to trim down my feeds by removing non-friends from my Facebook friends list.  It’s not a completely drastic step, but it’s a big first-step.

I can’t really ditch social media altogether (remember, I use it at least secondarily for business purposes), and I actually don’t really want to.  But, I want to see posts and information that are truly relevant to me.  I also don’t want fans and business acquaintances in my friends list, because they really don’t belong there.  And as friends, not all of them will see my business posts anyhow, so it’s not exactly vital that business acquaintances be categorized that way anyhow.

This will take some time, as you can see because I have nearly 5,000 friends.  I’ve had many more in there, but I cull from time to time to allow myself to add some new ones in, now and then.

That stops now.

Tonight, I’ll send out a post to my wall indicating my new direction, so that business acquaintances can “like” my business page (Mark Bradfield Photography) and thus, set themselves up to receive posts about my business endeavours.  Then, the fun begins as I begin removing a metric tonne of people from the friends list.

I’m also going to curb my social media habits dramatically, by restricting my usage to mainly business hours, giving my time before and after, to my friends and family.

Have you had similar revelations or made a similar move?  I’d love to hear about it!