A Massive Step Forward With My Retouching Policy

This season I’ve had an opportunity for self-discovery, and that opportunity has led to self-improvement.

Of course, I’ve been honing my skills and experimenting with new locations, lighting setups and other technical aspects of my trade, but I’ve recognized that I’ve been lagging when it comes to my image delivery and fulfillment.

This is not of huge concern to many artists, who feel that quality and deadlines are often at odds with one another.  But as a business person, it’s definitely a concern, or at least it should be, if they want to stay in business.  My clients are everything to me, and I’m stepping up and doing everything I can to balance quality with fulfillment.

From this point onward, I’m providing a 14 day guarantee.  Each client, unless otherwise agreed at time of booking, will receive their retouched images back from me no more than 14 business days from the date they provide me with their selections, or I’ll pay THEM for the images.  That’s $50 for 1, $100 for 3 and $300 for 10.  See my FAQ for more info on this guarantee and for retouching in general.

Finally, I’m going to offer any past clients, who’s images were delivered well beyond an acceptable timeframe, a 50% discount on their next session with me.

It’s one thing to earn business.  It’s another thing to earn repeat business.  I want to earn yours.