Special Group Packages!



I’m offering a handful of special dates, where I can provide my services to a group of clients in one big session.  These clients will save huge on fees by effectively dividing my day rate amongst the members of the group.

There are a number photographers operating with rates substantially less than mine, and there are many potential clients out there who can’t afford my standard rates.  By setting up a group session and booking clients in bulk, adjusting shoot time and minimizing set-up and tear-down time, I’m able to bring my fees down to suit those who normally can’t afford to work with me.


This special day rate is set at $1,000.00 and includes:

  • Principal photography at a minimum of 60 minutes per client.
  • All proofs (every image captured of the client).
  • Retouching on 3 images per client (additional retouching can be purchased in discounted packages).

Professional hair and makeup services would be available of course, but clients can opt in or opt out as they choose.  Those services would be set at $150 for both services.


If 4 members or fewer book in, the session can be scheduled on either a weekend date or weekday date.  If 5 members or more book in, a weekend date is optimal in order to provide service to everyone.

Your clients (or friends, family, etc) could wind up shooting with me for only $100!  This, combined with my 14-day guarantee on image delivery, is simply unprecedented in fitness photography.

To top it off, I am always in “scouting” mode.  I’m constantly running across new faces and many of them find their way cast in publication features and commercial projects.  My last handful of projects alone utilized talent I’d scouted at various photoshoots in the 2015/2016 seasons.

As a thank you for providing (or helping me to find) space in which to work with your clients, I’d also like to offer photography services to you, which you can utilize for commercial purposes if you wish (website, adverts, etc).

The competition season is winding down, but there are always those who wish great photographs of their hard work.  Year-end means they’ll get those images quickly, and they’ll save money getting them!

The next step?  Putting a date down and booking those clients in – giving them a goal to strive for.  You get them ready and I’ll capture your hard work.

I’m looking forward to talking about the promotion some more and answering any questions you may have.  Please email/text/call me anytime!