Put your images to work and realize your commercial success.
Showcase the physique you've worked hard to sculpt.
Capture the beauty you radiate, surrounded by a stunning landscape.
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I’ve spent my time in the pit at the most prestigious bodybuilding and fitness shows on the planet.  I’ve met and worked with the world’s greatest fitness athletes.  I’ve been published in the industry’s most prominent magazines and publications.

What I’ve picked up through the years, is invaluable experience on how to capture a world-class physique.  Experience on what my clients want to see.  Experience on what these publications want to see.  I bring this experience to each and every project I work on.  The result?  Images which captivate any audience.

Some photographers who shoot fitness also shoot weddings, portraits and even food.  They do this to pay the bills.  They become the “Jack of all Trades”.

Fitness is all I do – it’s all I want to do.  With me, you’re hiring a dedicated skill-set.  You’re hiring a fitness photographer.


Celebrating fit women everywhere on their quest for an attainable, sustainable physique by promoting a healthy, active lifestyle through proper training and nutrition, Training & Fitness Magazine was launched on August 1st, 2013 as a truly digital, online fitness magazine for women.

It is published monthly and is loaded with feature articles and regular columns, written by some of the fitness industry’s most talented and recognized professionals.  I’m proud to bring this unique and exceptional publication to our readers each month and will continue to stride through the boundaries which often limit the accessibility of information to those who need it most.

good words. good people.

  • I had the opportunity to shoot with Mark and needless to say, I’m so happy that I booked this shoot! It was one of the best experiences I've had. He’s easy going, relaxed and so fun to work with! When I arrived I was nervous, and he immediately made me feel comfortable, excited and helped me open up to the camera. I instantly felt a connection working with Mark. I feel that the photos he captured truly reflect the real me. I will definitely be shooting with Mark again, and would highly recommend working with him. He’s not your typical photographer - he is eager to capture the best of you.
    Karly Postma
    Karly Postma
  • My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to shoot with Mark and we were over the moon with our experience. From the second we entered the studio, we felt so comfortable and trusted him to help us achieve our goals. He was so knowledgable in his craft and did everything to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for. Not only that, but he shared with us, information that we have been able to use to accelerate our careers. The images came back to us in a very efficient manor and all of them were just stunning. We will definitely be shooting with him again in the future!

    Madison Schnarr
    Madison SchnarrPersonal Trainer
  • I have done many photoshoots in my career with different photographers around the world, and when I was planning my trip to Toronto, I saw Mark’s work and decided to work with him. Mark made that shoot so enjoyable! He helped me with posing and made me feel comfortable. After receiving the raw photos, I got lost in so many good ones - it was so hard to choose just couple of them for the world to see! Great work! Great photographer! Great memories from Toronto! I definitely recommend working with Mark Bradfield.

    Sasha Brown
    Sasha BrownFitness Professional
  • Of all the photographers I've worked with, working with Mark was one of the best experiences I've had.  Being a teacher myself, I really appreciated the time taken to explain not only what to do in front of the camera, but why it works.  Mark was really nice and encouraging throughout the shoot and it was a great overall experience.  He is a total pro and genuinely wants to make his models look their absolute best.
    Rebekah Clementson
    Rebekah ClementsonTeacher / Fitness Writer
  • I have been blessed to work with some really great photographers and Mark is definitely on my favorites list!  His professional, hard working, fun, and compassionate attitude brings the best out of me while shooting.  Off the scene, his dedication and expertise makes my images their absolute best.  In my opinion he is the total package when it comes to a photographer.  If you have an opportunity to work with him … DON’T PASS IT UP! BOOK YOUR SHOOT TODAY… you will be sooooo glad that you did!

    Jennifer Andrews
    Jennifer AndrewsProfessional Fitness Coach
  • I had an amazing experience working with Mark.  His professionalism behind the camera is so refreshing.  I have been waiting to work with them again since our last shoot.  Really looking forward to collaborating again soon.  I highly recommend his team. The photos turned out beautifully and are some of my favorites!

    Kelsey Byers
    Kelsey ByersFitness Model
  • Working with Mark is always a pleasure.  From retro gyms,  to rock shores,  or the studio,  we always get the perfect shot through collaboration and his knack for selecting angles,  lighting and looks that are the most flattering.  Thank you for always capturing my most beautiful self Mark!

    Natalie Waples
    Natalie WaplesPro Fitness Athlete
  • Mark is perhaps the most well-rounded photographer I have worked with.  My experiences working with him are always fun and enjoyable, and when I see the images and I am always blown away!   Mark keeps the energy high during his shoots and provides exceptional direction to the model.  With images taken by Mark, I have landed a magazine cover and other published work.  I highly recommend working with Mark and am confident you will be happy you did!

    Danielle Ruban
    Danielle RubanPro Fitness Athlete
  • I had the opportunity to shoot with Mark and needless to say I was not disappointed; Mark left nothing to chance to ensure we captured magazine-quality images.  I was in awe of how stunning I felt that day!  Marks first priority was ensuring I felt comfortable and enjoyed my time.  He is a hilarious, attentive photographer with an amazing eye for detail. The images we were able to get truly blew my mind.  I can’t wait for another opportunity to shoot with Mark in the future!

    Rachel McConachy
    Rachel McConachyRegistered Nurse
  • Having Mark as a photographer was an unforgettable experience.  It was my first shoot and he made me feel so confident in front of the camera.  I had a blast!  I could not be happier with the experience and the photos I received.

    Ashley-Raye Miles
    Ashley-Raye MilesStudent
  • Finally having the opportunity to work with one of Canada's premiere Fitness Photographers has been an absolute honour!  Mark delivers above and beyond expectation and provides a comfortable and professional environment which invariably produces publication-worthy photography.  I enjoyed his patience and creative eye on set and was ultimately blown away with the photos he produced!
    Eren Legend
    Eren LegendPro Fitness Athlete